Transform your recruiting game from a hobby to a full-fledged career with L.I.G.'s Recruiting Business Masterclass. For just $97, we'll equip you with the pro-level insights and strategies that make all the difference in the sports landscape

“I just completed the L.I.G. Sports Group Recruiting Business Masterclass and man was it a wealth of information. I would highly recommend it for parents, coaches, agents or those aspiring to be in recruiting, #NIL or sports adjacent roles. Justin King does an incredible job of discussing the Ecosystem of college athletics and shares his BLUEPRINT for student-athlete’s sustained success as they progress through their high school years, evaluating colleges and sculpting their careers in and beyond college.”

- Jade Gummer

During this masterclass, you'll learn:

Unlock EliteRecruiting Skills

Master the criteria scouts and coaches use to evaluate talent. Learn game tape analysis, player development expectations, and off-field conduct to stand out as a top recruit.

Dominate theRecruiting Process

Navigate the complexities of football program evaluations and make strategic decisions to secure a scholarship offer.

Excel in ModernCollege Athletics

Stay ahead by mastering NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) and the transfer portal, maximizing your value and opportunities.

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Avoid CommonParental Mistakes

Identify and overcome the typical pitfalls parents face in the recruiting process, ensuring long-term success for your child on and off the field.

High School to College Success Blueprint

Follow our proven roadmap to meet every key performance indicator and secure your place on a college roster by graduation.

Insider Tips froman Industry Expert

Access 23 exclusive instructional videos by Justin King, founder of L.I.G. Sports Group, former Power 5 Recruiting Coordinator, NFL player, and 5-Star Recruit, to fast-track your recruiting journey.

What’s inside

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Football Ecosystem & Recruiting Process 

This foundational module outlines the interconnected landscape of college football recruiting. You'll learn how student-athletes, coaches, and programs interact, setting the stage for a deeper understanding of the recruiting process.

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High School Blueprint

A roadmap for your high school career, outlining the benchmarks you need to hit for college-level play. Make every season count.

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Current College Athletics Landscape 

NIL & Transfer Portal: Master the "new normal" in college sports, focusing on Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulations and the transfer portal. Get actionable tips to leverage these to your advantage.

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Navigating the Recruiting Waters

A tactical guide to steering through recruitment. Learn how to assess potential football programs and make strategic choices that set you apart from the competition.


What the Pros Are Saying About L.I.G. Sports Group


James Franklin

Head Coach, Penn State University

"Justin’s background, experience, and adept understanding of the football world afford him a unique perspective that causes others to listen when he speaks. Innovative, outcome-driven, and the true definition of a team player, Justin is an asset to any room he enters."


Oliver Luck

Former XFL Commissioner, NCAA EVP Regulatory Affairs

One of the first hires that I made was Justin King, who joined the football operations group at the XFL. Justin was an excellent employee with superb inter-personal skills and a great work ethic. He interacted on a daily basis with our coaches, referees, players, agents and football staff members such as equipment managers, athletic trainers, etc . . . He was forthright in all of his activity and quite dependable in terms of ˋgetting things done´.


Doug Whaley

Former SVP of XFLBills General Manager

Justin’s greatest strength is his ability to navigate and effectively integrate complex systems while managing the multitude of personalities in the athletic industry, which is a rare and very impactful trait.

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