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speed training

Specializing in the cultivation of functional acceleration, maximum velocity mechanics, and the development of reactive and explosive force, our training programs are designed to unlock new opportunities through enhanced speed that shows up on the field. We focus on biomechanically efficient movement patterns that not only increase speed but also improve overall athletic performance. Harness the power of speed with LIG Sports Group and open doors to elite athletic achievements and opportunities at the next level!

db development

Master the Art of DB with LIG Sports Group. Our DBTEK program is meticulously designed to enhance the skills of defensive backs through targeted training that focuses on explosive movements, advanced footwork, and mental agility. Delve into a regimen that builds not just physical capabilities but also strategic understanding, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the competition. Transform your defensive play with the guidance of experts who know what it takes to level up!

Sports Consulting & Advisory Services

Navigate the Complexities of Sports with Precision. At L.I.G. Sports Group, our consulting and advisory services provide athletes, families and sports programs with the strategic insights necessary to thrive in the competitive world of sports. From navigating recruiting and NIL to mastering the transfer portal and comprehensive athlete management, our team offers tailored advice backed by years of industry experience. Partner with us to turn your athletic aspirations into a sustainable career.

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With a shared vision and mission to educate and empower athletes to maximize their potential on and off the field.



What the Pros Are Saying About L.I.G. Sports Group


James Franklin

Head Coach, Penn State University

"Justin’s background, experience, and adept understanding of the football world afford him a unique perspective that causes others to listen when he speaks. Innovative, outcome-driven, and the true definition of a team player, Justin is an asset to any room he enters."


Oliver Luck

Former XFL Commissioner, NCAA EVP Regulatory Affairs

One of the first hires that I made was Justin King, who joined the football operations group at the XFL. Justin was an excellent employee with superb inter-personal skills and a great work ethic. He interacted on a daily basis with our coaches, referees, players, agents and football staff members such as equipment managers, athletic trainers, etc . . . He was forthright in all of his activity and quite dependable in terms of ˋgetting things done´.


Doug Whaley

Former SVP of XFLBills General Manager

Justin’s greatest strength is his ability to navigate and effectively integrate complex systems while managing the multitude of personalities in the athletic industry, which is a rare and very impactful trait.

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