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Justin King


Justin’s career in the sports industry began at 9 years old when he was quickly immersed in the game while serving as a ball boy and equipment manager for the Duquesne University Dukes in Pittsburgh, PA.

King has a breadth of experience in every aspect of the football industry. In 2014, he joined the Cleveland Browns’ scouting department, where he worked on a college scouting analytical project for the 2014 NFL Draft.

After garnering success as a business development manager for ATI Physical Therapy in Dallas, TX, King joined his alma mater, Penn State University, as a Recruiting Coordinator in 2017. During that time, King identified and recruited top talent across the country, securing the highest-ranking recruiting class in PSU history in 2018 and achieving an average commit rating of 92.12 with the 2019 recruiting class (which ranked 3rd in the country). King also earned an M.S. in Sports Administration from the University of Miami (FL).

In 2019, King was selected by Commissioner Oliver Luck and SVP Doug Whaley to join the XFL League Office in Stamford, CT as the Manager of Football Operations. There, King oversaw football operations and college personnel, and led the integration of the new playing rules and innovative gameplay to ensure continuity, safety, and entertainment value for fans.

King is a leader amongst men with a passion for mentoring young professionals in the field. He is regarded by friends, family, and acquaintances as a knowledgeable, no non-sense, dependable resource and ally with a competitive drive for excellence and keen emotional intelligence. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and daughter.


Regarded as the nation's #1 cornerback coming out of high school, King secured over 55 athletic scholarship offers from the nation’s top universities.
After enrolling at The Pennsylvania State University in January of 2005, King earned freshman All-American honors after being a two-way player for the Nittany Lions. Having earned a B.A. in Sports Administration by the end of his junior year, King declared himself eligible for the 2008 NFL Draft.
The St. Louis Rams selected King in the 4th round, 101st overall pick, of the 2008 NFL Draft. King played for the Rams for four seasons, before briefer stints with the Indianapolis Colts and hometown Pittsburgh Steelers. Although prematurely coming to a close due to injuries, King had a successful six-year NFL career before retiring to pursue off-the-field opportunities in 2013.


At L.I.G. Sports Group, our mission is to empower athletes with the guidance, strategies, and support necessary to navigate the complex path to collegiate athletics and beyond. We believe the qualities that make a desirable athlete, starting with SPEED & Explosive Movement Skills —dedication, resilience, and a business-like approach coupled with tactical insights—are the same qualities that pave the way for success in academic and life pursuits. We aim to cultivate these qualities in you, ensuring your journey is not only about athletic excellence but also about personal growth & career readiness.


At L.I.G. Sports Group, we simplify the clients nuanced sports journey to a five step approach

Objective Expert Assessment

Our approach begins with an expert assessment, using advanced tools and seasoned insights to evaluate the current situation and potential of athletes, teams, and athletic departments. This essential step tailors our strategy to meet specific developmental needs, ensuring targeted and effective progress is made. 

Blueprint to Success

From the assessment, we create a personalized blueprint that outlines a strategic path forward. This roadmap serves as a guide not just for athletes, but also for coaches and families, marking key milestones and tactics crucial for achieving desired results. 

Development & Cultivation

With a clear blueprint in hand, we focus on the development and cultivation of skills. This phase intensively hones physical prowess, tactical knowledge, and mental fortitude through specialized training regimens designed for individual athletes or entire teams.

Performance Implementation

This stage is about turning training & development into real-world success, implementing the refined skills in competitive scenarios to ensure peak performance under pressure. It’s crucial for athletes to apply what they’ve learned and for coaches to see their training philosophies in action. 

Comprehensive Advising & Consulting

We excel at extending our support beyond the field with advising and consulting that encompasses the entire sports ecosystem. This includes guidance on navigating the complexities of career navigation, recruiting, sports management for athletes and families, as well as strategic consulting for athletic programs on recruitment, team management, and more.


What the Pros Are Saying About L.I.G. Sports Group


James Franklin

Head Coach, Penn State University

"Justin’s background, experience, and adept understanding of the football world afford him a unique perspective that causes others to listen when he speaks. Innovative, outcome-driven, and the true definition of a team player, Justin is an asset to any room he enters."


Oliver Luck

Former XFL Commissioner, NCAA EVP Regulatory Affairs

One of the first hires that I made was Justin King, who joined the football operations group at the XFL. Justin was an excellent employee with superb inter-personal skills and a great work ethic. He interacted on a daily basis with our coaches, referees, players, agents and football staff members such as equipment managers, athletic trainers, etc . . . He was forthright in all of his activity and quite dependable in terms of ˋgetting things done´.


Doug Whaley

Former SVP of XFLBills General Manager

Justin’s greatest strength is his ability to navigate and effectively integrate complex systems while managing the multitude of personalities in the athletic industry, which is a rare and very impactful trait.

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