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Speed is a game-changer in sports, opening doors to new opportunities. At L.I.G. Sports Group, we specialize in developing the critical traits that enhance an athlete's value: functional acceleration, maximum velocity mechanics, and reactive & explosive force development. Our programs are designed to elevate your speed and performance, ensuring you stand out in competitive environments.

    40TEKTailored 40 Yard Dash Training to boost your start speed and acceleration, crucial for football scouting & college aspirations. 
    $BOGame Speed Training, perfect for field sports athletes (including Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Track) aiming to enhance their functional game speed.


Unlock elite defensive skills with our comprehensive DBTEK program at L.I.G. Sports Group. This advanced training regimen focuses on refining tactical positioning, enhancing coverage techniques, and boosting split-second decision-making. We integrate board and film work extensively to deepen athletes' understanding of the defensive back position, complementing physical drills with strategic insights. Our approach prepares defensive backs to excel in high-pressure environments and dominate on the field, ensuring they are equipped for standout performance and 'staying power' in football.



At L.I.G. Sports Group, we provide expert guidance through the complex landscape of sports management. Our consulting and advisory services encompass a wide range of critical areas:

    Recruiting SupportWe assist athletes, families and athletic departments in navigating the recruiting process, offering insights into best practices and effective strategies to maximize talent acquisition intake and deployment.
    NIL GuidanceWith the evolving landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness, we provide strategic advice to ensure athletes and institutions can leverage these new opportunities effectively.
    Transfer Portal NavigationOur team offers support and strategic planning for athletes considering transfers, helping them make informed decisions that best fit their career goals.
    Athlete ManagementComprehensive management services ensure our athletes are positioned for success both on and off the field, including contract negotiation, branding, and long-term career planning.
    Consulting for Athletic DepartmentsWe collaborate with athletic departments to streamline their recruitment and talent development processes, enhancing their overall business development.

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